10 Amazing New Year's Eve Theme Party Ideas

From hamaraevent on Dec 09, 2017

Welcoming the New Year is like hitting the restart button. We say goodbye to last year’s trials and tribulations and are now ready to focus on creating a positive experience for the New Year. And the occasion is just incomplete without a party, right?

While some spend the night wandering through the city to ring in the New Year, others spend it at extravagant hotels or over the top New Year bashes at clubs. Both are fun, but sure are expensive. A few also like to spend the New Year at their cozy home, catching up on a special movie, as they usher in the New Year. But isn’t that boring?

This year ring in the New Year right by hosting a fabulous New Year party at home. Give yourself and your friends an unforgettable night of fun and merrymaking. Create fantastic first memories of the new year along with your friends and family and have a gala time together.




















The following are some amazing New Year’s Eve theme party Ideas that will let you celebrate New Year in style.

1. Go, Black and White

Throw a black and white extravaganza! This simple, yet classy theme is sure to make your New Year party memorable and have your guests enjoy the party experience.

• For starters, have your guests dress in the color of black and white

• Deck up your home with the classic tones of black and white. Get creative with the decor and create a magical ambiance

• Why not plan the food also along the theme of Black & White? - Chocolate and Vanilla desserts, roast eggplant and others. With the delectable variety of food, your party will hardly be a colorless affair

Black & White New Year’s Eve Theme Party

Black & White Dessert Table at a New Year’s Eve Party


2. Bollywood Decade Party

If we don’t remember our past, you are doomed to repeat it, right? Celebrate the New Year’s Eve Party as an homage to yesteryear's. Go the retro style this New Year and have a gala celebration.

• Whip out the bellbottoms, poodle skirts, headbands and let your guests dress their best in the old-fashioned style. Focus on a particular decade - say 1970-1980 and let all dress up according to the styles of that era.

• Bring back the Bollywood music of that era and let your guests jive. You can also plan for a karaoke night and let your guests put their singing skills to use.

• Whatever nostalgic way you decide to celebrate it, this New Year’s Eve theme party will surely be a classic

Top New Year’s Eve Party Theme Idea – Have a Decade Party 
















3. Black-Light Glow Party

Your living room can be transformed into a chic club-like atmosphere, with a little ingenuity, and without much expense. Make your New Year bash a big blast.

• Dim the lights, swap in some black light bulbs around the room. Black light bulbs are fluorescent lamps coated to filter out visible light. So, when something is passed under these bulbs, it pops with eclectic colors.

• Have your guests come dressed in light colored clothing, so that they will take on an eerie glow under the cool lighting


















Black Light Theme for New Year’s Eve Party














4. Celebrity Party

A one of a kind costume party, that lets your guests be involved by being dressed like their favorite celebrity.

• From Bollywood divas, politicians, sportsmen and more, have your guests attend the party by donning their favorite celebrity's look

• Deck the room with lounge chairs and hip hop music, so that it has the same ambiance as a celeb hot spot

Dress like Celebrities and have a great New Year ’s Eve party


















Lounge Style Decor for Celebrity Theme 


5. Bonfire Party

If you have the space for it, why not light up a bonfire and have an intimate get together with your friends and family? Gaze the stars, remember the past year and ring in the New Year with style.

• Have your guests write down what they want to leave behind from the past year and burn the notes in the fire

• Serve spiked warm drinks, roasted marshmallows and more for a delicious way to enter the new year

Exciting Themes for New Year Eve’s Party – Bonfire


6. Casino Party

Have a friendly get together and play casino games like Rummy, Poker, and other fun card games. Host a party with a twist and hold fun card game competitions at the New Year’s Eve party.

• Who doesn’t like to play a game of cards along with loved ones and have fun all the way?

• Play to your heart’s content and have an entertaining night full of heat and spice inspired by the casino

• Serve snacks, short eats, and cocktails for your guests, as they have fun gossiping and playing their favorite card games

Casino style new year’s eve party 


7. Masquerade Party

What could be a better inspiration than a masquerade for your own New Year’s Eve party? The mystical magic of masks is sure to trigger the ultimate fun and entertainment for the night.

• Your guests should attend the party with masks. Have the guests unveil the masks only at midnight

• Unleash the creative side of the guests by holding a masquerade New Year party theme


8. Potluck Party

Too lazy to prepare all the food for guests at your New Year’s Eve party? Why not plan for a potluck and ease your burden? Ring in the New Year with a great potluck party.

• Invite guests and have each of them bring their share of food for the party - it can be anything from drinks, appetizers, main course, desserts, etc.

• Plan the menu in advance and finalize everything to avoid confusions later on

• The more, the merrier - have a sumptuous spread of homemade dishes and eat to your heart’s content

Theme for New Year’s Eve Party


9. Sleepover New Year’s Eve Party

Looking for a subdued New Year’s Eve get together with good company and relaxation? Invite your close-knit group of friends for an intimate sleepover night and ring in the New Year with your best buddies.

• Create a playlist with favorite tunes from the past years. You and your friends can jam out all night

• Catch up on a movie or play exciting games with your friends, like truth or dare

• Have a fun-filled night along with your close group with lasting memories and smiles throughout

Party in your Pyjamas – Sleepover theme for new year party


10. Champagne - Drink all that you can Party

You are definitely going to need champagne to make a toast as you countdown to the New Year. Don’t wait until the clock strikes 12 to pop them open. Instead, host an all-night champagne party with delicious cocktails

• Get your guests to try their hand at mixing and whipping up cocktails

• Experiment and let your guests have a blast drinking all night

• Plan for the right food snacks and other accompaniments along with the drinks as well

New Year’s Eve Theme Party Ideas - Champagne













Hosting a glam New Year’s Eve party at home doesn’t have to mean a lot of work. From friendly pajama-themed sleepovers to sophisticated costume parties, these New Year’s Eve theme party ideas are sure to make your party a big hit. Unlock the creative side of you and host the most fabulous party for your guests. Have a Happy New Year!