How to Noonday Party Like A Boss

By Jen Hatmaker for jenhatmaker on Jul 08, 2014

Being a part of a global movement is hard work. It is gritty and complicated, exhausting and overwhelming.


Supporting women in other countries is so draining. It will plumb wear you out.


I mean, international advocacy is a tough road, but someone must do it.


Making an impact toward a bigger, worldwide mission is so much work, but life is hard.


Or maybe it is more like a really fun party with really gorgeous accessories made by really fabulous international women. Have you been to a Noonday Trunk Show? Because I’ve hosted one in my own house with local Noonday Ambassador Krista Box (benefitting the Austin New Church adoption fund) and it was basically the best thing ever. The thing is, most creatives and artisans in our country have easy access to the marketplace: social media, Etsy, galleries, shows, boutiques, word of mouth, and of course, a client base with purchasing power.
To make that sort of economic empowerment available, Noonday Trunk Shows create a marketplace for artisans around the world who come from vulnerable communities. By giving them access to our western market, they build jobs and support entire families and communities. Noonday creates a pipeline of opportunity for women to help other women, which is pretty much the best work I can think of. As a host, you support the career of Ambassadors here who then support the career of artisans in nine different countries. You touch women near and far to empower one another and create economic opportunity, which transforms whole lives. 
And let’s be clear: you get to have a party and buy pretty things, so… no martyrs here.


So easy: contact your local Ambassador to coordinate your event, throw open your doors to your friends, make some yummy snacks and set your drinks out, and your Ambassador will do the rest. She’ll bring the entire collection over (clear a table, man) and she’ll tell the Noonday story. Your friends get to buy beautiful products and you are a hero.
So you know I’m leaving Friday to go to Rwanda with Noonday and meet the artisans on our #StyleForJustice tripThe Rwandan team is small but mighty. Not only do they make all the packaging that Noonday comes in (you wish all your doorstep packages looked like these), but they have given us pieces like these:


Look at the Rwandan team. I get to meet these women in one week. I am outside of my mind. I hope the two on the end will let me hold their hands too, because I am like that. As you know, I’ve kissed a stranger’s baby on a plane. They are so beautiful, so strong, so good at what they do. You can get a feel for their tenacity here. I cannot wait to get to them.


These women are skilled artisans and we are a bunch of clunky writers, but with their leadership, together we are creating a #StyleForJustice Collection while we’re in Rwanda! Like, design work! New products specifically in honor of our time together! Oh my gosh. I am dying. I don’t know much but I PICK YELLOW!!! AND GREEN!!! Probably shouldn’t let me near a sewing machine, but I can cut patterns! I really want to impress the artisans, so I’ve learned some relevant sewing language like “interfacing” and “seam allowance” and “twill tape.” I plan to use my vocabulary with reckless abandon.
Here is what you get to do: host a show! But not just any show on any old day…join women across the country on August 7th for the first ever Noonday Nationwide Trunk Show! On that day only and only for trunk show attendees, we will roll out the #StyleForJustice collection we designed with the artisans and you get to vote on which pieces make the cut (and I’m just saying pay special heed to the YELLOW and GREEN submissions…I suspect they will be so winning). Voting is that day only by participants in the Nationwide Trunk Show. Isn’t that fun?
Please note that I will then be calling myself a designer and you can’t stop me. BECAUSE I HAVE A COLLECTION. WITH A SEAM ALLOWANCE.
All the Ambassadors are standing by, ready to plan parties with you on August 7th!
Speaking of August 7th, that is sort of a biggie. You might recall my family has a little show also coming out that day on HGTV. And that I also turn 40 that day. August 7th is producing ALL THE FEELS. So maybe you can use the TV show as incentive for your friends: Come to my Noonday Trunk Show, get pretty things, eat free food, and then we can watch “My Big Family Renovation”with the crazy Hatmakers at 10:00 and 10:30pm CT! I know that’s late, but here is the moment I am begging you to watch the first two episodes live with me or I might die of terror. 


Fashion Party + Watch Party all in one!

Word is that I am wearing Noonday pieces in both episodes…SYNERGY.
Oh yall. So much. I hope you’ll follow along on our trip next week! You can sign up for our emails here (and enter to win some goodies for the next two days) if you want to keep good tabs on us. We’ll be heavy on Instagram, so go do a little follow over there if you haven’t (“jenhatmaker”) and be sure to follow the other storytellers too, because some of them will be posting pictures that weren’t taken with their iPhones, God bless.
I plan to fall madly in love with the Rwandan artisans. Be warned.