3 Important Factors for Organizing A Great Standup Comedy Show

Thinking of Organizing a Standup show as your next event?

Here are some Guidelines to make it successful


1) Decide most Important Factor: Place? Date of the event or the Artist?

Unless you’re extraordinarily assured, the probabilities are you won’t get your initial selection for all 3 of those. Of course, the any beforehand you propose, the higher your possibilities for obtaining all 3. If you propose 2-3 months beforehand, your odds of obtaining specifically what you would like are far better than if you propose 4-5 weeks beforehand.

If there’s a selected comedian you would like, contact them or their illustration and organize a date that they’re free.

If your event needs to get on a selected night, begin therewith, and so contact comedians, however produce an inventory of the 5 comedians that will suit your event, in order that you’re not stuck if your initial selection isn't offered that night.

If you have got to possess the event in an exceedingly specific location, see if there’s many dates they’ll placed on hold for you for every week whereas you contact your favorite comedian to check if they’re offered on any of these dates.


2) once selecting the Artist, decide whether or not to travel through a booking agency or deal directly with a comedian.

Booking Agency Pros:

If one comedian can’t build it, they will realize a replacement a lot of seamlessly.

They may have a selling person who will facilitate with flyers for your event.

“One stop shopping” for once you’re unsure what comedian you would like. place of work will build recommendations when paying attention to your necessities and assist you slender the alternatives.

There’s nearly always a contract, and therefore the agency is aware of a way to write them.

Booking Agency Cons: 

Depending on the agency, they will charge inflated costs and solely provides a little fraction of that to the entertainer.

An agency could send a distinct comedian at the eleventh hour, generally while not even warning you.

You may not have an opportunity to speak to the comedian sooner than time. Or some pertinent info (it’s a clean show, specific codification, etc.) could ne'er get communicated to the comedian before they show up.


Comedian Direct Pros:

You get the precise entertainer you would like.

You can visit the comedian beforehand and tell them your specific necessities.

You can get a much better deal, and every one the cash goes on to the entertainer.


Comedian Direct Cons:

Your event could need a sophisticated contract, that the entertainer doesn’t perceive furthermore as a agent.

If the comedian gets sick or cancels at the eleventh hour, you'll have to be compelled to rebook the event yourself. (Although most comedians can provide you with suggestions for appropriate replacements.)


3) Specify Rules and Agreements Well beforehand

Specify whether or not there are any content or language restrictions once fixing the booking, not once the comedian shows up the night of the show.

Specify however long of a show you would like. Comedy shows will vary from thirty minutes to 2 hours..

Decide on what number acts you’ll have. Most comedians wish to bring somebody on to heat up the area. Therefore raise if they need associate opener in mind. Or if you wish many comedians, see if your budget will afford over one act.

Negotiate a payment and follow it. Flat fees ar common for many performers. Counting on the show size, the travel needed and therefore the comedian’s level of fame, flat fees will run anyplace from INR 30000 to over INR 1,00,000 for a 45 minute performance.

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