After Stories


Places these days are created with an intention of positivity, leisure or good life promised with happy times. However so, there are very few places built with all three intentions in place. Gurugram, recently witnessed a place offering all this and more. More, being good music and awesome fresh beer. “After Stories”, a palatial of a place built with taste and offering even better taste. The interiors have a touch of class and personal interest. The place is curvy as you know how, and holds the panache of work done from the heart.
It’s a place for beer lovers, it is a paradise for music enthusiasts, it’s a place for the ones who to go out and have a great time As ironic as it may sound, “After Stories” is built on a vision to get more than one kind of people under the same roof. Gurugam got, a few months back one of the best and classy places to be visited. Located at Sector 29, yet away from the crowd and with no logistical issue of parking and a multitude of options for the customer to choose from to even decide where to sit, brings new life to the city as a whole.
Visibly, “After Stories”, is a delight to see. An experience, which is not to be missed when you are in or around Gurugram. For there are very few places that brings the life out at night and yet keeps it posh.
After Stories, it is not another brewery in town. It is what we call a palatial brewery and a music and food lovers paradise, which doesn’t hurt the pocket.