City Lights and the tales


Nightlife, a life perpetuating between the sun going down and the lights going off. Nightlife, a life that has become quite the new life in the new economies of scale. This is the life less talked about and more lived. And each city has its own flavor that it retains, even once the sun sets in. 

The metros are the cities buzzing with nightlife, Goa being a non-metro and the king of party tales and chronicles that follow.  For seldom do people get the sea breeze, music, great food, beer and banter!  Goa as always digress conversations and writings like nothing else.  Goparties calls it the city that makes one skip a beat or two, reasons for those are mostly personal and seldom spoken of. Just like we digressed here and the reasons cannot be explained.

The flavor of that Mumbai has is much like the city itself. A canvas with a breeze background and chilled out zones. The buzz of the social gathering’s is more about having a nice time because for once the traffic and the distances have been put to rest and the hair can be let down, heels immaterial. On the contrary heels are an essential accessory for the going out girls in a place like Delhi. Goa obviously takes a back-seat to on the digging in heel culture since the sand gets the best out of people. The roaring music and the symphony of being in a space free of the mundane aspects of life does make one triumph over the usual obstacles of life, at least the belief is there for a bit.

Coming back to Mumbai - a city with a very relaxed nightlife culture, Women ranging from being tip-toes to the being in their runners at air-lounges. Sitting at Carter road for a bit will make one realize the hustle that this city is, along with the breeze. A Saturday evening at Carter road is hustle to another level.  With people across all generation’s give way to live over the chores and preparing for the next day. Post a Saturday is the day most people look forward to. This just tells us how the spring in one’s feet would increase if we started to look forward to live with a beacon of hope and happiness. Saturday evenings are an example of those, obviously with a tinge of booze, make-up and music !

The air lounges and the air turn on the party mood like nothing else. A feeling typical to the Mumbai nightlife and parties culture is it being chilled out and peppy.  The route to the various clubs, bars, lounges etc. is breezy and fun. And the motto is simply to relax like none-other. So get on the Mumbai look and let the city lights speak of your tales.