Junkyard, Saket


The yard that promises fun and frolic in the town is none other than, Junkyard ! A spacious place for one to chill and relax with a myriad of options to sip and dine to. The benefits are the location and the space that follows tis standalone party-spot.  Parking and approach will never be an issue and one you are there, the evenings are bound to be fun.  

The open space promises enough for the person to relax and enjoy the evening. The  drinks go with the tall walls of an ambience and the approach to the party-spot makes it an easy-go-to option.

So Junk that stress, junk that useless banter and junk all that is keeping you away from having an amazing time with your friends, special or not. Or may be just chill all by yourself.

High walls, great ambience, perfect location and a night to yard out !

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