Raasta, Gurgaon


Raasta, as the name suggests is quite the way. A way to the party and make the path of the night count !  Raasta, with one of the outlets in the ever-buzzing cyber hub, Gurgaon is located on the top floor.  More of a chilled out place, Raasta can easily boast of an arena that caters to more than one type of crowd that wishes to walk the path of a good night 

With an in-house DJ and Artists to play in at various occasions.  The bar caters to the ones who wish to try there steps on the dance floor whilst sipping their favorite & humming to the tunes of the time.  Easy and comfortable sitting areas for the chatty ones who wish to enjoy the music before their right beat hits the evening.

Rassta, also has the facility of a sitting outside for the ones who wish to breeze a little with the evening. The quality of the music and the food is well taken care of. With regular visits from Bands and the DJ keeping the beats right, Raasta sure can be one of the places to walk in for the ones with no left feet or with left feet.  For a few steps taken in the right track to a good night out never did any one any bad. Raasta your way to this party-spot with a smile on your face and a zing in your feet !

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