Take the Swagger and Song Rendezvous

Meeting, dating or retreating, the right kind of music can bring the icing on the cake and how. For stepping out to etch a brunch, lunch or an evening into a memory is a wish that most of us have when we plan a meeting. To reach the same pinnacle of satiation is the desire of anyone and everyone planning that. The perks of the right swagger is known to the ones who manage to pull it off at the right note. While on a visit to the pub close to my house, I understood that as unknown as the chicken and egg theory was the theory of the song and swagger. Whether that song in our mind creates the swagger or is it the swagger that turns on the song. Whether it is the feeling in the club that makes one in sync with a swagger or vice-versa. On seeing people from all walks of life, wanting to have fun with their hair let down and the moods high, one often is made to think of the effect the same kind of song can have on different people and moods. It is then that I realized that irrespective where a person came from in that pub, or where the person was suppose to be or go from there, the uniqueness lied in the fact that each person has a song to which his/her body swaggered like its nobody’s business. What is more important is to discover the right song the rendezvous with which brings to you the most amazing swagger out. 

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