Things to do on Weekends in Delhi/NCR

When we are talking about friends and their get together plans, that means we are thinking about all the people together at the same place at the same time and onboarding all together at one roof means lots of arrangements, plans and honestly this exercise will trouble host of the party very much. Mostly when we friends think for our party, trip or get together that time we have multiple plans and ideas at our bucket list, but as the date comes closer these ideas drop down one by one and ultimately things will not work out in that way how we imagine.  

So, here Iā€™m with lots of concepts, weekend plan, parties/clubbing, gaming, that always happenings in Delhi/NCR nearby you to make your plans fruitful and never leave to drop your party plans.

Most of the apps and web are providing event planning solutions few of them are insider, dinout, clubgo, bookmyshow, highape and goparties.

Goparties one of the leading app among book my show & insider.

Now I am going to provide you some real and instant party plans with easily accessible location, heartwarming ambiance, soulful & happing music

and how could I forget the ultimate need or base to make any party cheerful and rocking ā€¦

Any Guess ???

Yes Right !! Absolutely Right  - Bear/ Cocktails & Mocktails  ( where we all can say cheers)

Best party location, clubbing, and ideas that can be helpful for instant party plans for group, singles, and couples any day of the week.


An entire week one day is allocated for ladies only and its weekly routine system in most clubs and here for some period/ duration free drinks allowed for females only as per their offer policies.

Complete Week Ladies Night happen in all over the  Delhi/NCR clubs. Here is plan executed for you must go and for more details read more


Live events were the most older event theme and now again people following it very much in the way of a stand-up comedian, live performance bands, Music and live dance performance.

We have different platforms and multi-talented celebs/ artist and these live shows became most likely events for our generation.

We regularly bring lots of new event concept, parties, and personalized events for you. We appreciate your reviews and comment on this blog.  Read more

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