Ibiza Guide | What to Wear to Clubs in Ibiza – Comfort Rules the Style of the Isle

From Vox Ibiza on Aug 09, 2013

Staring at your closet and wondering what to wear to the clubs in Ibiza? This doesn’t have to be the sartorial conundrum you would face while going out in the fashion capitals of New York or Paris. Generally speaking, the standards for club dress code in Ibiza are quite lax and it’s rare for potential patrons to be turned away from venues for their outfits. Getting dressed in Ibiza is simple, so let VOX break it down for you.

What to Wear in Ibiza | Casual vs. Dressy

Choosing what to wear when going out in Ibiza is dependent on the venue. Some are more posh, and you’ll want to roll in not looking like a complete slob. Others are more casual, where a Savile Row suit would feel sorely out of place.  Simply, there are two main categories of attire: casual or dressy.

VOX Dress Code Matrix Ladies Gents
Casual Tank tops or t-shirts paired with shorts. Leave the heels at home and throw on a pair of trendy sneakers, flip flops, or slouchy boots. T-shirts or tanks, paired with shorts or jeans. Sneakers and flip flops are de rigeur.
Dressy Fashionable resort wear or bodycon dresses paired with heels or stylish sandals. Summery button-up shirts, polos, or at the least a trendy t-shirt. Well-cut jeans or chinos. Boat shoes and loafers are common.

What to Wear in Ibiza | Breakdown by Venue

Venues fall somewhere on the spectrum between coolly casual and pretty posh.

Style Venue(s) Dress Code
Casual DC-10, Sankeys These “underground” clubs can turn into pits of packed sweatiness, so opt for comfort over couture. No need to dress to impress.
Casual/Dressy Ushuaia Polo shirts, khakis, and sundresses are common for Ushuaia’s day-to-night parties, with some revelers even coming straight from the beach. Patrons skew towards the dressy side in the VIP section.
Casual/Dressy Amnesia, Space, Privilege At these massive mega-clubs, anything goes really. Note: VIP sections of clubs can be a little more discriminating. In Amnesia's VIP section, it's common to see ladies decked out in tight dresses and towering heels. VOX has seen men turned away from Amnesia VIP for wearing flip flops and shorts.
Casual/Dressy Pacha, Blue Marlin, Destino, Booom! Slightly dressier than their mega-club brethren, getting glammed up for these venues wouldn’t feel out of place, nor are you obliged to. Note: Blue Marlin is a beach/day club and the mode is more Saint Tropez chic.
Dressy Lio, Cipriani These are the venues where it’s possible to feel severely underdressed. If you’ve been dying to break out your Ferragamo loafers or Herve Leger dress, do it here. You might be sipping a martini next to a Spanish socialite or Phillippe Starcke.

What to Wear in Ibiza | Outfits That Work Anywhere

Still confused? These no-fuss outfits will work almost anywhere on the White Isle. For the gentlemen, try a clean t-shirt, well-cut jeans, and trendy sneakers. For the ladies, a fashionable top, shorts, and summery sandals or chic sneakers and you’ll never feel out of place. These outfits can work seamlessly from the underground venues such as DC-10, to Ibiza mainstay clubs like Pacha, to posh-y beachside venues like Blue Marlin.

There, we told you that getting dressed for the clubs in Ibiza doesn’t have to be a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Lastly, we here at VOX believe that the experience of Ibiza is centered around the music, the party, the moment. When a party’s vibe is good, no one cares what you’re wearing. Above all, be comfortable… how else are you going to last until morning light on the Amnesia terrace?