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Wondering what’s on tonight? Well, we have your answers. Below the Nightlife Ticket team has compiled your options for each night of the week complete with Nightlife Tips and other information. Each night you receive full and return access to the best London clubs listed as well as many other nightlife perks and experiences depending on which ticket you have purchased. Make sure to plan your nights out, drink responsibly and have fun!



Here in London, Monday through Wednesday has many nightlife options. If you’ve chosen to stay for a full week you receive full access to all bars and best London clubs listed in your London Nightlife Ticket.

While the early week is usually quieter, the nightlife never stops. There are always several locations open every night.

Nightlife Tip: Be sure to check the venue opening times before you go out to double check and see any additional changes of operating hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your crew for a couples drinks and a many more great nights out on the town.

Libertine by Chinawhite

Tiger Tiger


Nordic Bar


Zebrano Soho

Gem Bar (Tuesdays)

Rileys Sports Bar


For many cities, Thursdays mark the start of the weekends festivities. While not all London Nightlife Ticket locations are open, most of them are.

Craft your night from a huge list of famous clubs, bars and venues like Camden, Shaka Zulu or the Nordic Bar.

Make sure to check out your Nightlife Perks and Experiences as well when crafting your stay in London. Enjoy extensive club descriptions by clicking on the ones you are interested in from the list given.

Nightlife Tip: always check the venues you plan to attend in advance in case of any scheduling changes in their hours of operation.

Proud Camden

Piccadilly Institution 

Shaka Zulu

Nordic Bar


Scarlets Bar

Ruby Blue

Zebrano Soho

Carnaby Zebrano

Rileys Sports Bar


Can we get a drum roll please? Fridays and Saturdays officially mark the start of an amazing weekend of laughs, drinks and cheap (but classy) fun.

All of the best london clubs, bars, experiences and perks are available to you during these days especially. Remember, planning makes perfect!

With so much to do and see, where do you start? Well, the Nightlife Ticket team recommends trying out the Nightlife Experiences first followed by a few bars and finished off with an energetic night at a club dancing the nights away. What sounds good to you?

Nightlife Tip: If you are going out with a group, planning your nights in advance saves all of the stress. Your nights could be flawless fun when you know where you are going and when you need to be there.

Strawberry Moons

Ruby Blue

Zebrano Soho

Gem Bar

Carnaby Zebrano

Rileys Sports Bar

Loop Bar

Proud Camden

Ministry of Sound


Piccadilly Institute 

Shaka Zulu

Tiger Tiger


Zoo Bar


Nordic Bar

Opal Bar


Scarlet’s Bar


Last but not least, Sunday nights! For many Sundays are a day of rest (especially after a long night of free drinks and deals). But for London Nightlife Ticket, its just another crazy night out.

Choose from a few locations and grab a drink or visit another Nightlife Experience again. While is is one of the quieter nights to offer, there is still much to do.

Zoo Bar

Rileys Sports Bar

The London Nightlife Ticket


What To Do In London With a 2-Day Nightlife Ticket

The two days ticket will cost you 10 pounds and gives you unlimited access to 20 clubs and bars for two days.


So you do like to party? Well, in this case you should visit the 20 participating nightclubs. It is impossible to visit the best nightclubs in London without any knowledge about the nightlife scene. Therefore the London Nightlife Ticket is a great fit. There are two types of London Nightlife Tickets, both with the same offers. The difference between the two tickets is the validation period. The London Nightlife Ticket offers a wide variety of great clubs and bars in London Central. For more information regarding the nightclubs, ticket types and club information, click here.


What To Do In London With a 7-Day Nightlife Ticket

This ticket will cost you 20 pounds but offers unlimited access to all 20 clubs and bars for 7 days. So party harder and spend less!

Like what you are reading? Well, click here if you want to learn more about the clubs, dresscodes and extras included in the London Nightlife Ticket!

Are you visiting London for more than two days? We highly recommend buying the week ticket, so you can discover more nightclubs and spend your money wisely.

The London Nightlife Ticket makes planning what to do in London during the night much easier. So settle your worries for your nightlife activities. TheLondon Nightlife Ticket serves as your guide for the best nightlife experiences, nightclubs and bars London has to offer. You can visit the website for more information about the offering activities and the locations that are participating in the London Nightlife Ticket.

Spend less, experience more and party harder with a London Nightlife Ticket!

Pubs, bars and nightclubs in London



In London, you will find night clubs, bars and pubs. Everybody loves something else, but if you are visiting London for the first time and want to know what to do in london, you can use some help. There is a big difference between nightclubs, bars and pubs and this difference consists of opening hours and atmosphere. The London Nightlife Ticket offers 12 activities. It is good to know which activities are nightclubs and which activities are bars or pubs. The following paragraph is an overview of these differences.

Bars in London

Riley’sScarletsSohoCarnaby Zebrano.

These bars in London are cosy and the staff knows how to create a fabulous party every night. You can get a few drinks or meals before you enter the nightclubs in London. Of course, it is up to you, but if you want to have a fun night out but you don’t want to go to a big nightclub, bars are a great replacement.

Nightclubs in London

Club ZooOpalRumba

These are the nightclubs participating in The London Nightlife Ticket. They have space for more than 100 party people. The most famous one and also the most popular nightclub in London among the locals is Opal. The parties in Cargo are popular. You can see that true the rows that are very long.

Both nightclub and bar in one

Strawberry Moon’sRuby BlueNordicGem.

These locations offer you two choices. They all have two or more floors. One is a bar with a small dance floor and the other one is a big dance floor with DJs and party people. When the night starts the dance floor will soon be filled with a lot of party people. Party hard and enjoy the vibes.

VIP in London



Going to a party in VIP style is what everybody likes the most. No sweaty people around, enough space to dance, special drinks, bottles, a table and snacks. Some people only like to party in VIP style and that is understandable. It is good to know which night clubs in London offer an VIP experience.


VIP parties in London

Piccadilly institute, Rumba, Scarlet’s, Club Zoo, Strawberry Moon, Ruby Blue, Bar Soho, Gem, Carnaby Zebrano, Riley’s, London Cocktail Club, Floripa, Aquarium, Cargo, Sway.

Did you know?

The term VIP means (very important person) and is often used to indicate special or famous guests. At parties and other events, special areas are reserved for VIPs, where the normal guests have no access to. VIPs often carry a special wrist strap so the security staff knows directly that they are a VIP guest. During your VIP session, it can be possible that you will see celebrities or famous people. Maybe you can score some pictures while you are VIP in London. The concept became known because Russian emigrants were called VIPs when they flew to Paris in 1927.

How do you book?

At you can find more information about the clubs and the club policies. Make sure you are well informed about the nightlife in London, such as dresscodes and special reservations. You will also find a club page with all the latest information about the clubs and bars. This way you can choose in advance which nightclub suits you and your friends the most!

Parties in London are very popular, also among the locals. The nightlife in London lives almost every day so you must expect busy rows. It is all worth waiting because when you get inside the parties are always a success!

Food and drinks in London



There are more than 8.4 million people living in London. These people are of course not all born in London. Because of the fact that London is so multicultural, they serve more than 60 cuisines. These cuisines are from countries such as French, Italian, Spanish, Thai and Japanese. Especially Indian food is popular in London and you will find the locals often at their favourite curry house. Also, vegetarian/ vegan food is accepted in London. In almost every restaurant you will find one or two dishes completely vegetarian or vegan. London’s fish and chips is a phenomenon in the whole world. It is popular as take away food in London. The English pie is becoming a popular takeaway food in London as well.  The pies are filled with different sort of meat such as chicken, beef, lamb and haddock. They are small, easy to take away and delicious!  


Tea and coffee

The people from London love to drink tea and attach great value to it. Everywhere you find pubs that offer different kind of teas. Coffee has only become popular since the 17th century. This applies to politics and important meetings. Now you can find Starbucks stores everywhere. Other favourite drinks in London are beer and cocktails.

In London you can find food and drinks everywhere. Especially at the famous pubs, you are always welcome to come eat and drink something. Almost all the nightclubs and bars, included in the London Nightlife Ticket serve drinks but also food.

Five things you didn’t know about food

In some beers, there is an ingredient called fish glue. This is a substance that is obtained from dried fish swimming pools. It is used in beer to make the color clearer.

Madagascar is one of the largest suppliers of vanilla.

Russians call garlic also penicillin for the poor.

Quark is cheese. In France, quark is also called fromage frais or fresh cheese.

Sage works disinfecting and can inhibit inflammation. It is also incorporated into toothpaste.



Work Hard, Play Harder

To make your trip memorable there are several nightlife experiences and perks to enjoy. How does a sunset cruise and a free bottle of sparkling wine sound? With your London Nightlife Ticket you receive a 2 for 1 admittance to the Sundowner Boat Cruise. Take in the beautiful sights of London’s skyline, all in good company. With this gorgeous experience, you will also receive a free bottle of wine as well as delicious finger foods and great service.

Also included on the London Nightlife Ticket is free entry, £5 pound gambling credit, and complimentary drink at the famous Empire Casino. Take advantage of fantastic drink deals at Planet Hollywood as well as VIP bowling access at Surrey Quays.

We understand the importance of letting loose after a long week at the office. By purchasing the London Nightlife Ticket you can create your own amazing nights to remember with friends, forever. Enjoy a full weekend or a full week of unlimited access to all included on the ticket.

To learn about what your options are please click here.

A Great Escape

The London Nightlife Ticket offers week or weekend length Nightlife Tickets so you can explore the city on your own time. And for a small price of £10 or £20, this ticket is ideal for a Girls Night Out including plenty of free nightlife perks, no London clubs entry fees to over 19 different locations, as well as amazing Nightlife Experiences you can enjoy together.

London is the perfect location to get away with your friends. Because this historic city is so popular, many tourists come from around the world to get a slice of London’s vibrant nightlife scene. London clubs are known widely as some of the best nights out.

With a London Nightlife Ticket you can visit clubs like the Ministry of Soundor Libertine by Chinawhite, a celebrity favorite. Guests like Drake and Rihanna have also attended these locations.

If you’re looking to make your night unforgettable, Proud Camden is one of the hottest places to be. Proud Camden is one of the London clubs that is the ideal place for a Girls Night Out. Originally the building was used as a horse hospital. Present day each horse stall has been made to seat parties and large guest groups. Order an expertly made cocktail at any of these locations and dance the night away.



How Can I Plan Mine?

How can you plan yours? Easy. Here at London Nightlife Ticket, we wanted to take the stress of planning your stag party and do it all for you. We can also appreciate that different groups have different preferences or plans. So whether it is enjoying a free drink along the medieval streets of London, enjoying a glass of champagne on a sunset cruise or dancing the night away at your choice of 20 nightclubs, there is something for everyone.

What Do We Recommend?

We know how difficult it can be to plan anything with a group which is why the Nightlife Ticket offers a great solution. With so many options to choose from you are able to create your own agenda and celebrate at your own pace. Can’t decide? Just divide. If you find making just one plan difficult, make two. By doing this any members of the group who prefer attending a different venue or activity can do so as they please. We do recommend planning at least a day or so ahead before each new day so that your group is on the same page and all that is left to do is have a blast!

What is a Stag + Hen Party?

A little different from a bachelorette or bachelor party, Stag and Hen parties are usually held earlier and often the bride and groom’s parties will plan them together! When both are mixed this is called a Stag Party which are becoming increasingly more popular around the world. Another name these parties are known by is the “Jack and Jill”. This is a new and fun way to celebrate two lives coming together and we want to make it special for you and yours.

What Do We Get With Our Nightlife Ticket?

With the London Nightlife Ticket you have the choice of a 2-day ticket or a 7-day ticketWhether you’re celebrating for the weekend or the whole week, you have unlimited access to fun. With these tickets you receive unlimited access and free entry to over 20 selected bars and nightclubs around the city. Our Nightlife Ticket also includes 2 for 1 cocktails and special drinks, a 15 pound credit with Uber on your first ride, and an amazing 2 for 1 sunset cruise with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and finger foods. But it doesn’t stop there, we also include a 5 dollar credit towards any UberEATS orders, as well as a 2 for 1 deal on sorbet and smoothies at our designated ‘Afta Eats’ location.




Which Nightlife Ticket should you choose?

If you want to buy a nightlife ticket from our website, but you can’t decide between a 2-day 7-day ticket, here is what you should know.

First, you choose your start date. From this date, your ticket is valid for either 2 or 7 days. In the next step, you will decide the validation period (2 or 7 days).

The validation of your London Nightlife Ticket starts at the date you have first selected in the calendar.


When you buy a 2-day- London Nightlife Ticket, it’s valid for 2 days/48 hours from start date.

When you choose 7-days, your ticket is valid for 7 days from the start date you have selected.

For example:
When you buy a 2-day-ticket for June 1st, 2017 your ticket is valid for 48 hours, until 2nd of June.

When you buy a 7-day-ticket for June 1st, 2017 your ticket is valid for 7 days, until 7th of June 12:00 AM



Evening Tours

See London by Night scheduled tours are offered every evening from the stop ‘Green Park’ in the underground station located next to the Ritz Hotel.

The winter tours are offered 2 times each night for the months October 2017 up through March 2018. The first tour for leaves the station at 19:30 and the second at 21:20 and are considered the ‘Winter Tours’.

The Spring/Summer tours are from April 2018 through September 2018 and the times available are 21:15. 21:45, and 22:15 at night.

Please remember, while the See London by Night tour 2 for 1 deal is included on your ticket, you must schedule the tour you would like to attend. Please stay aware of the Winter tour times and the Spring/Summer tours so you do not mix them up.

Please refrain from attending these tours over-intoxicated or on drugs as the company reserves full rights to decline service for you and your group.

Have fun and enjoy the gorgeous London views!

Explore Comfortably

Everybody knows that London is a historic city with so much to be discovered. Today London remains the same,  a vibrant and cultured city that offers endless possibilities to explore. But how do you explore London by Night exactly?

The ‘See London by Night’ bus tour is the answer you have been seeking. With a London Nightlife Ticket, a 2 for 1 tour is also included. On this popular tour, enjoy the wind through your hair seated above in their observation decks, or take refuge in the warmth below where you can view the city ‘from the comfort of your seats.

This tour includes seeing well-known destinations like the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and the London Bridge to name just a few.

If you are interested in taking this tour, other languages are offered. While this live tour is spoken about in English, operate audio is available including SpanishItalianFrenchGerman, Portuguese and Japanese. Please make sure to ask the tour staff if special accommodations need to be made for you or your group.


The nightlife in London


About London

Every year there are traveling more than ten thousand people to London. Of course, they want to see all the monumental objectives but the nightlife in London is also very popular. London has a big offer when it comes to nightclubs. With your London Nightlife Ticket, you can choose between 21 nightclubs. Except for the differences between music and vibes, every nightclub has its own dress code policy. Make sure you are well informed about this because the club security is very strict. For more information about dress codes, click here. It is always fun to go out and enjoy your night in a nightclub. But what makes London one of the best cities when it comes to nightclubs? They have more than 30 nightclubs in total!

The nightlife of London is very popular because the clubs are open until the late morning. Real party lovers are a huge fan of late night parties, so the rows can be very busy. Keep this in mind when you want to visit the nightclubs in London. Be on time or wait in line ;)!


Need to know?

Every pub in London closes their doors at 23:00 pm. So we recommend you to be on time. If you want to start early with your nightlife experience, the pubs are a great way to start your evening. You can get a taste of the typical London vibe and get a drink before you visit the nightlife with your friends. Hungry? No worries, the pubs in London serves great dishes till late. You can order several dishes at the bar.

The nightlife in London is quite expensive, certainly above average compared to other popular cities. If you are visiting clubs and bars without knowing where to go, you will pay a lot of money. This is one of the reasons that The London Nightlife Ticket comes handy. This way you can spend your money wisely and experience more!

London Shoreditch



Shoreditch is located in the east of London near the city center. If you are done with the stereotyping of London such as the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace you must visit Shoreditch. After the death of Amy Winehouse, Shoreditch suddenly became popular in the media. Before, Shoreditch was known as one of the ghettos of London. There were a lot of empty houses and buildings, many poor and homeless people were living here. All the empty walls became a spot for street art that has now grown into creative workspaces for artists.

Shoreditch has become a popular city trip location filled with art galleries and independent shops. The government is paying more attention to the city. If you are scheduling your sightseeing and things to do in London, Shoreditch is a must visit. They have new street art every two months and every Sunday a big market with flowers, foods trips and vintage stalls.


The nightlife in Shoreditch

Because of the growth in the city, you can also find night clubs in Shoreditch.With your London Nightlife Ticket, you will get unlimited access to several popular nightclubs in Shoreditch. These nightclubs are very popular among the locals. Here are some of the clubs participating in the London Nightlife Ticket:


London is known for its great taste of fashion, so make sure you dress to impress and do not look like a mess ;). Some nightclubs in Shoreditch are LGBT friendly, this means you can find some gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual people around. The locals are used to this and everybody is welcome no matter what gender you are. If you have any problem with this, make sure you get well informed about which theme the club has organized that night.

Ten things you did not know about London


About London

Every city has its own secrets, but not every secret can be kept as a secret. Except for the knowledge about the nightlife of London, there is also some knowledge about the facts of London. If you visit London you probably want to experience the sightseeing. This can be the famous Big Ben, the history about Shoreditch and of course the Buckingham Palace. Here are some facts about London you probably did not know.

London-blog-5-2-768x480 (1).jpg

Ten Facts about London

  1. London city is something different than the greater London. The city is located in the middle of Greater London, that is in the city center.

  2. London is the biggest city in Europe.

  3. London has 8.4 million inhabitants.

  4. They speak more than 300 languages.

  5. Shakespeare used to live in London.

  6. In London, they love to eat fish and chips, Black Pudding or Pie and Mash.

  7. The area of London is about 1.5 thousand square meters.

  8. London does not participate in many national holidays.

  9. The clock in London is the only clock that has an official time zone.

  10. More than half of London is Christian. The rest is Muslim, Hindu, Jew or non-believer.

More about London

London is the world’s most classic tourist attraction ever! Everybody must have visited London once in their life. London is one of the countries in Europe that has its own payment system. You can only pay with the Pond so if you are visiting London you have to exchange your money first. London is expensive if you compare it with Amsterdam or other cities in Europe. They have a wonderful history and of course one of the oldest Queens in the world. Maybe it will surprise you that there are living a lot of celebrities in London. Maybe, if you are lucky you spot one of them! In short, London is a great city with a lot of activities during the day and at night.

The culture of England


About London Culture

London has a wonderful culture. There is happening a lot, especially on new year’s eve. London has beautiful firework shows every end of the year. Except for this show they also have traditions. One of them is ‘changing the guard’. Two soldiers are then being exchanged. Tourists can see this once a day at 11.30 pm. They walk to Buckingham Palace where the other two soldiers are being redeemed. They are protecting the queen every day. Of course not alone but with a lot of other soldiers. They have to be replaced because they can not stand still for too long, or they need to eat or have to go to the bathroom. All this makes a lot of sense of course. Actually, they are not allowed to move because that can be seen as sloppy.


London does not have a lot of national holidays like the rest of Europe. They only celebrate Christmas, eastern and Good Friday. Except for the school holidays, London has organized this at the same time as the rest of Europe.


Next, to the sports culture, England also loves music. Their music culture is very important for the world because of the famous bands: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and the Smiths.


Everybody knows Shakespeare and even in schools, it has become a subject. Thanks to him England has one of the greatest theater pieces.


Many sports were conceived in England and are now being played in the whole world. Rugby, golf and cricket are being played a lot in England and it has high popularity among the locals. But, football is still the most popular and important sport here. They have football clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. These are good clubs and England is very proud of that.

More about

Next, to the new year’s eve fireworks, sports, the soldiers, the music and the theatre, they have BBC and The Times newspaper. BBC is famous in the whole world and almost everyone that has a tv in Europe has the sender of BBC. They also have eleven newspapers and the most famous one is The Times. You can buy it in almost every country in Europe. Except for the nightlife in London, England has a lot more to offer during the day.


Below you will find a few examples of traditional English foods popular today in London. Live your London Nightlife experience to the fullest by getting culture and a full stomach all in one. Having a full meal before a night of drinking on the town is also a good idea for everyone.

When it comes to knowing just what to do in London, why not think about it with food in hand? In partnership with UberEATS the London Nightlife Ticket provides customers with a complimentary £5 UberEATS credit to make your nights a little more cost-conscious and delicious


1. FISH N' CHIPS (from Poppies)

A classic dish known worldwide what British make with pride! This delicious dish is simple, fresh and fried. Eat this with tartar sauce or mushy peas, two classic sides.

Ingredients: water, flour, egg, crumbs, cod/haddock, frying oil & fries.



Meat pies are a very commonly made delicacy in the UK. Perfect for a pre-drinking meal as it is very hardy with nutrients and meat! This is definitely a favorite dish for the meat lovers out there. Each pie is baked to perfection with a crispy, buttery crust.

Ingredients: meat, onion, flour & chopped veggies.



If you’re looking for that perfect end to your meal, look no further than a sticky toffee pudding. Made with mouth watering dates and baked to perfection. This treat is topped off with vanilla ice cream and served hot.

Ingredients: butter, dates, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, pastry & ice cream.



Who can go wrong with a slice of classic apple pie? This fan favorite is also enjoyed world wide but originates in England. Chow down on this sweet dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cinnamon.

Ingredients: apples, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, pastry, & ice cream.