These Are The 13 Best Whiskies In The World This Year. Which One Are You Drinking?

By Dessidre Fleming for mensxp on Apr 19, 2017


There’s a difference between drinking whiskey and knowing one’s whiskey; it’s the difference between the Earth and the sky. And if you’re the latter, then you would know that whiskeys are more than just about what meets the eye. There’s grain, texture, concentration, and so on. But, I’m not going to tutor you on how to tell your whiskies apart, although that’s something you should work on.

I’m here to tell you about the 13 best whiskies in the world, right now. The World Whiskey Awards—yes, there is such a thing and we all want to be in on that jury—are an annual ritual that select the best whiskies from across a thousand different labels, in 13 different categories. The Awards are held in partnership with the UK-based Whisky Magazine, as well as, The Drinks Report.

Here are this year’s top 13 whiskies!