30 of the Top-Notch Discos in Delhi to Spend your Weekend at !

by Treebo Hotels for Treebo on March 9, 2018


A disco definitely seems to be an antidote to the pilling stress of the everyday life of a city like Delhi. To get your shot of this revival and reinvigoration head on to some of the most happening places of Delhi.

Though there are many options some of the places guarantee a commendable experience overall. Refer to the list of discos in Delhi below and be thrilled to experience the nightlife of Delhi at its best. The guide for disco in Delhi is given below for you to pick from!

The Best Ones Among the Discos in Delhi

1. Ruin Pub by Imperfecto


Ruin Pub by Imperfecto (source)

To understand the awesomeness of the place you have to make a visit to the place. Decorated in an offbeat manner, the place is huge enough to hold parties of quite a number. If the place adds the charm, the delectable food and drinks add life to this charm.

Where: A-201- A- 203, Second Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

2. Kitty Su


Kitty Su (source)

Thumping load music and the flowing cocktails make for a usual night here at this distinguished place. Ideal for hosting private parties too, the place is packed through and through the weekend. The food and drinks of the place are another one of the things that are extremely exquisite and require a special mention.

Where: The Lalit, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

3. House A


House A (source)

Colourful contemporary art, decked up bar and the pretty lights make the essential décor of this commendable place. The luxury of the place is further enhanced in the minds of the people when they get to know that the place can be visited only through invitation. Open until 4 am, the place is an only members place.

Where: Bhikali Cama Place, Ring Road, Near Fire Station

4. The Electric Room


The Electric Room (source)

Among the newest and the coolest places in the capital region, this disc is known not to sleep through the night. The unending events here make it quite a party place. The food of the place is another one of the accolades that have made the place preferred over and above the other discos in Delhi.

Where: The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, New Delhi



RSVP (source)

Having some of the best food and some of the most innovative cocktails, the place that goes by the name RSVP is definitely worthy of a visit is planning to go to a good disc in Delhi. Bailey’s Martini with drinks and Seekh Kabab, chilli paneer and chicken tikka among snacks are the ever favourites of regulars at the place.

Where: Hotel Royal Plaza, 19, Ashoka Road, Janpath, New Delhi

6. Playboy Night Club

Playboy Night Club (source)

Sensual in terms of the interiors and loud in terms of the music that it plays, this place is absolutely perfect for people looking for a fun night out with friends. If it’s a Saturday night, the place is found to be extremely jam-packed and ready to roar. The signature cocktails and the espresso are some of the must-try things here.

Where: Samrat Hotel, 50- B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

7. BED


BED (source)

This place is an acronym for Bed, Entertainment and Dining and holds quite true to its name. A luxurious place to let go of the boundaries within, the place is ideal for dancing the night through. This new hype around the city is open till the wee hours of the morning and promises a night complete in fun and frolic with friends.

Where: 2nd Floor, N-17, N Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK1), New Delhi

8. Privee


Privee (source)

One of the hippest hang out places in the city, Privee is always overflowing with the crowd. Though completely jam-packed on most days, the place is still a recommendation for having a good time with friends. The place holds many international DJ nights which further spike the demand of the place.

Where: Shangri- LA’s Eros Hotel Complex, Above Kanishka Shopping Mall Arcade, 10, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

9. Grappa


Grappa (source)

The unusual name of this place owes its origin to one of the most popular drinks of Italy and living up to its name,  the place has an exquisite number of quality drinks to offer to its guests. The finest spirits available when combined with the distinguished ambience of the place make it a complete delight to visit.

Where: Shangri – La’s Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, Janpath, New Delhi

10. Shiro


Shiro (source)

A place that is addictive in nature, Shiro is among the best discos of Delhi having lip-smacking food and innovative cocktails to its credit. The exquisite set up of the places lends it the touch of luxury whereas the posh premises of the Samrat hotel ensure a good crowd.

Where: Samrat Hotel, Plot No. 50 B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

11. The Blue Bar

the blue.jpg

The Blue Bar (source)

The gem of the Taj, the club that goes by the name the Blue Bar has been designed in the manner that takes your breath away. A little expensive, but the place proves to be worth the money when you enjoy the delectable food and addictive drinks of the place.

Where: Tal Palace Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi

12. Hype


Hype (source)

Another one of the Shangri-La Hotel gems, the disco that goes by the name Hype is known through the city for having exceptional food and mesmerizing music. Owing to the qualities mentioned above, the place attracts the young crowd of the city. The ambience of the place is another one of the things that makes a visit to the place furthermore alluring.

Where: Welcome Hotel Dwarka, Sector 10, Dwarka

13. F Bar


F Bar (source)

Known for its ravishing parties the place that sits in the famous Ashok Hotel is a complete madness to visit. Most preferred by the foreign crowd in the city, this bar is among the top rated bars in the city. From food to drinks to ambience, everything about the place is worth an applaud.

Where: Middle Circle, N49, 1st Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi

14. The Blue Frog

the blue frog.jpg

The Blue Frog (source)

One of the best nightclubs in the city, the Blue Frog is set in South Delhi. Live band performances and the melodious music of the place entices crowd from all over the city. Most commonly hoarded by youngsters, the place setting discos of Delhi ablaze with its positive reviews. The typical blue lighting of the place is one of the most distinguished and the most loved feature of the place.

Where: The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Opposite Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi

15. Skooter


Skooter (source)

Wishing to experience the high profile crowd of the capital city, head to the Skooter nightclub. With its classy and chic crowd, the place is among the best destinations in the city is looking to spend a night of fun with friends. Having two sections of the place itself, the disc is affordable in terms of its charges.

Where: Samrat Hotel, Plot No. 50 B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

16. Club Pangaea

club panga.jpg

Club Pangaea (source)

The rich man’s disco in Delhi, Club Pangaea is among the nightclubs in Delhi that fall a little on the expensive side. Quite the place for youngsters during weekends, Club Pangaea is among the best nightclubs in Delhi. This club has been responsible for uping the nightlife of the city.

Where: Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

17. Keya


Keya (source)

Be it an outdoor seating, lounging, or the environment of a rocking disc, the place has it all. Aromatic fragrances and low lighting spike the experience of the place, whereas the finger licking good food makes the place rise up to the mark of being exceptional. An experience at here is surely going to be one to be remembered long after the visit for its sheer fun too.

Where: DLF Promenade,122- 124 Ground Floor, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

18. Freeze Lounge


Freeze Lounge (source)

One of the hottest clubs set in an icy set up is what the Freeze lounge in Delhi is. The impeccable set up of the place is among its top attributes.  From furniture to glasses to drinks, everything about this lounge is made of ice and that is what the whole lure game of the place is about. Bound to be a memorable experience, the Freeze lounge is among the top places in Delhi for people looking to have some fun.

Where: 1st Floor, City Square, Najafgarh Rd., Shivaji Place, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

19. Lithiyum Club


Lithiyum Club (source)

A newly opened disco in Delhi, Lithiyum has replaced the legendary Capitol in Ashoka hotel. The complete makeover of this place is exciting enough to lure you into a visit. This disc has now been divided into three sections of the nightclub, the lounge and the fine dining restaurant. Having one of the best sound systems in the world, this place is making waves among the youth of the city.

Where: The Ashok, B-50 Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

20. Tamasha


Tamasha (source)

Great music, good food and astounding panoramic view of the city these are some of the fundamentals of an experience at Tamasha.  The place is among the contemporarily built cafés come clubs of Delhi which have made their mark in the city. This place has a hookah lounge, a backyard and the rooftop restaurant overlooking central Delhi.

Where: 28 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place

21. Bombay Bar


Bombay Bar (source)

Among some of the benchmarking pubs in the city which come with the dance floor is the Bombay bar. This place brings back the retro Mumbai then called Bombay in a style unparalleled and exquisite in its own ranks. The food and the drinks of the pace also hold a certain charm of old Mumbai in them and the Bollywood music completes the picture of perfection.

Where: P- 21/90, Outer Circle, Connaught Place

22. Shroom Nightclub


Shroom Nightclub (source)

Among the state of the art nightclubs of the city, this place is known for visits by top DJs and edible cocktails. Yes, you heard it right edible cocktails. The prime location of the place also garners it to have some of the best crowd of youngsters from the city.

Where: 3rd Floor, The Crescent Mall, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi

23. Agni


Agni (source)

Another one of the top spots in the city to spend a fun night with friends, Agni was opened about a decade ago. It is the opening of this club that transformed the image of the Park hotel to a place worthy of a visit. The unabashed Bollywood playlist is among the best attributes of this disc.

Where: The Park, 15 Parliament Street, Connaught Place, New Delhi

24. Club BW


Club BW (source)

Better than quite a few of the nightclubs of the capital city, this place is known for its good ambience and a commendable crowd. Serving lip-smacking food and creative cocktails, elegance, glamour and grace have been the words to describe this little club. Owing to its extensive fame, the place is extremely crowded on weekends

Where: Surya Hotel, New Friends Colony East, New Delhi

25. Club BnB Shooters

club bnb.jpg

Club BnB Shooters (source)

Quite the rave among the college students and other youthful crowds of the city, this place is among the enthralling discs in Delhi that are known for their cheap liquor and good food. Settled in Rajouri Garden, it is totally jam-packed during the weekends.

Where: Level 4, West Gate Mall, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Cafes that turn into some of the Hippiest Discos over the Weekend

26. Social


Hauz Khas Social (source)

This is among one of the most established and the most famous places that you can venture of to if looking for a good time with friends. The fame of this place has led to the opening of numerous outlets under the same name. The most happening of its outlets are in the Hauz Khas Village, the otherwise café transforms itself into a happening disco over the weekend.

Where: 9A & 12, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

27. Lord of the Drinks


Lord of the Drinks (source)

Live music, lip-smacking food and an exceptionally good ambience make for the basics of this place. Famous for its plethora of drinks the place is loaded with youngsters through and through. This lounge has been news for quite a bit owing to their courteous staff and good service.

Where: Upper Ground Floor, Epicuria Food Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru Place

28. Warehouse Cafe


Warehouse Cafe (source)

Another one of the famous cafés of central Delhi, this place too turns into a happening place and a probable disco during weekends. the major chunk of the crowd that visits the place is from the college-going age group, but it also has some guests who have passed the stage and are still up for some fun.

Where: A-10, Rajiv Chowk, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

29. Junkyard Cafe


The Junkyard Cafe (source)

Just as the name suggests the place is full of junk, but junk that lends a style to the place that is both cool and hip. A tide among the youngsters of the city, this place even serves the cocktails in plastic buckets. Frequented by live bands and DJs the place is definitely worth a visit.

Where: 91 N Block, Connaught Place

30. Summer House Cafe

summer house.jpg

Summer House Cafe (source)

Most popularly known for the surprise visit by the legendary band Coldplay, this little place is another one of the hip places of Delhi which promises you a good time with flavoursome food and impeccable music. Barbecuing is also among the versatile experiences that this bar offers. Though extremely crowded the place is definitely worth a visit.

Where: DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Market, Hauz Khas

Give space to the party animal within you when you visit the above listed happening places of Delhi. A simple visit to these places is sure to help you overcome your troubles and enjoy life to its fullest. As you have been to, or are in knowledge of more such places, do share your experiences, suggestions and recommendations with us in the comments section below.