The Splavs Floating River Clubs

From Serbia on Sep 22, 2015

“Splavs” are quite distinctive “floating river clubs”, many of which are true “disco clubs on water”. Over the years they’ve become a must-see destination where you can spend days and nights of unforgettable fun

Once places for rest and relaxation, today “splavs” are internationally recognized cultural phenomenon and one of the most desired destinations of visitors in Belgrade. “Splavs”, a true symbol of Serbia’s capital, helped it earn its reputation as one of the best nightlife places in Europe while the very word “splav” gained its international status with no translation is needed. Come and find out why!

Although being criticized and disputed, “splavs” have become the symbol of great fun that awakens all the senses. Loud music, crowd and endless parties. Attractive folk singers and go-go dancers will stir up the atmosphere until morning!

Before the nineties, to have a “splav” (a kind of barge) meant to have your own getaway where you can go with your friends to relax and enjoy the tranquility on a river or a lake. Those were the places of friendly gatherings and private parties. After the nineties, these barges turned into something much bigger, while turbo-folk, a completely new kind of music at the time, reached its highest popularity.

In years to come, “splavs” became the venues where the new Serbian “elite” was going out. Staggering amounts of money were spent in a night, while the formula for fun was: “spend as much as possible, dress as provocative as possible and sing as loud as you can”. Everyone who wanted to be someone and to be seen visited these venues.

The first “splavs” of this type were open in Belgrade, and given the fact that the Serbian capital lies on two rivers, it’s no wonder that the number of “splavs” kept growing.

During hot summer afternoons “splavs” are best places to cool down and enjoy the smooth river breeze.

The phenomenon of folk-music was being created simultaneously with the appearance of this new kind on nightlife. Today there are many different kind of “splavs” with different crowds of people and diverse genres of music.

The majority of “splavs” is still in Belgrade. The best time to visit one of these clubs would be during the weekend, but most “splavs” guarantee great fun on weekdays also.

Visit them and you will experience a completely unique experience that, especially to foreigners, could seam surreal, magical and incredible. Come and experience an unforgettable party from dusk till dawn!