What is a Party Train and what are 700 Croats doing in Belgrade?

From Serbia.com on Jul 03, 2016


Bursting with the sounds of trumpets, thunderous laughter, screams of joy and applause, the packed “party voz”, arrived from Croatia to the Main railway station in Belgrade. Ready to spend an unforgettable weekend in the Serbian capital, over 700 Croatian students dived into, what many of them consider, an adventure of a lifetime!

Listening to the infectious beats of “Mesečina““Đurđevdan“ i “Kalašnjikov“, thrilled young academics from Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovac and Zagreb stepped onto the streets of Serbia’s capital. The party train journey and the unforgettable times in the capital’s clubs have already become a tradition. The thing that changes as each year passes is the number of those who want to experience the spirit of Belgrade nightlife.

This year the number doubled in comparison to last year, and judging by the curiosity and excitement of the Croatian tourists, we can only expect this number to grow. Everyone is talking about the nights they spent in Serbian clubssplavs and kafanas.They say Belgrade at night is something that can’t be described with words but has to be experienced.


Precisely because of this, many decided to embark on this adventure and check why the Lonely Planet called Belgrade the city with the best nightlife“Now there is so many of us that we have to travel by train. The idea was that the youth from both countries be the ones who will establish a new, more positive type of contact. The purpose of this trip is for people totravel, have fun and enjoy making friends, Sara, the trip organizer, told Telegraf.


Hundreds of others share her opinion. They have only words of praise for the hospitality, politeness and cordiality of their Serbian hosts. Apart from the wild and unforgettable parties which lasted until dawn, the Croatian students set some time apart for sightseeing in Belgrade. The Kalemegdan Fortress, Knez Mihailova Street and Skadarlija left the biggest impression on them.

Photo credit: Telegraf.rs