Concerts in Sri Lanka

From Truly Srilanka on Nov 06, 2012

Sri Lanka being a tropical paradise island located in the vast blue waters of the Indian Ocean is a diversely cultural nation filled with vibrant personality. What characterises this nation is its ethnic fusion, and the fruits that have been endowed by the history of this land. One such gift would be the love for entertainment, be it the performing arts or music.

With the events calendar full of exciting concerts and performances to be viewed by the masses, Sri Lanka is known for its vibrant music scene. Be it a traditional performance orchestrated by the oriental or orchestral percussions, or whether it is an event filled with song and dance, this land has much to offer.

Sri Lankan Baila, which is a music genre that is credited to the land, is ever popular amongst the population. With many concerts held at least every fortnight, citizens flock the streets and crowd stadium to enjoy a night of dance and merriment.

Other forms of music which represent the soul of this paradise island are contemporary pop, Sinhala folk music, cotemporary and modern pop and rhythm & blues. With the likes of artistes such as Pandit Amaredeva, and Nanda Malini pioneering in the Sinhala folk music, and others such as The Gypsys  amassing a popular following of Baila lovers.

With the changing times and the influences of the West, Sri Lanka’s youth are opening opening up to the likes of modern pop, rhythm & blues and Hip-hop. Local artists at the forefront of this new wave of music include Bathiya & Santhush, Ashanti, Randhir and Iraj whose music have captivated the hearts of the youth.

Sri Lanka has much to offer the nation in terms of concerts and live performances. The International aspect has been graced with concerts from artistes such as Civilisation One, Bryan Adams, UB 40, Michael Learns to Rock and others.

This land filled with song and dance, offers a world of merriment and indulgences for visitors to the country who will be ensured of an eventful and enjoyable stay.