Koh Samet Nightlife

From Thailand-Guide on Jul 19, 2017

Koh Samet has a lively nightlife scene along a sizable stretch of Sai Kaew and Ao Phai. Catering for backpackers and budget tourists, these bars are clones of each other in terms of general ambience, music and drinks menus. Most have cushioned loungers and low tables lit by kerosene lamps set up right on the sand. And since the competition is stiff, each seems to offer either a happy hour deal of some sort or a kind of drinking game where you are rewarded with a couple of free drinks.

From Thursday to Saturday, expect to share your beachfront space with a large crowd from Bangkok and, to everyone’s delight, irresistible drink promotions to match. And if you don’t mind sharing, a ‘bucket’ of local whiskey mixed with ice and an energy drink seems to be the tradition among the revelers here. Expect to see a string of fire-dancing shows breaking out along the beach late into the evening – quite a spectacle that always draws in a large crowd of spectators.

The atmosphere here is totally relaxed and casual. No dressing up is necessary anywhere on the entire island. So just chill out and drink it all in – island style.

Baywatch Bar

Cosy and friendly, Baywatch Bar is a small watering hole with a big personality. It offers a selection of Thai and imported beers, both bottle and draft, as well as shots and long drinks. Run by the Dutch owner, the bar is an all-time favourite among backpackers and local expats. Grab a seat at the bar or find a comfortable spot right on the sand and drink the night away.

Location: Ao Vong Duen
Price Range: Affordable

Beach Bar at Ao Phrao Resort

Set on a stretch of ‘private’ beach on the western shore, the Beach Bar at Ao Phrao Resort offers an alternative to the backpacker’s scene found on the other side of the island. Arrive early for sundowners. As well as the lulling sound of waves, a live band provides light music entertainment late into the night. If your idea of chilling out means enjoying a pleasant evening in style, then this is the right place for you.

Location: Ao Phrao, at Ao Phrao Resort
Price Range: Pricey

Gecko Bar

This small, beachside bar is famous for its specialty cocktails and ice cream sundaes. Arrive early as seating is limited to no more than five tables. It’s right next to Silver Sand Resort and there’s an internet café attached to the outdoor bar area. Visitors come here for cheap, delicious cocktails and a game of pool.

Location: Ao Phai
Price Range: Budget

Naga Bar

If you are looking for a place to chill with a sea view and somewhere that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, Naga Bar might be just the place for you. Here, pina colada is served in a whole young coconut – and at a friendly price. Naga Bar has loyal fans amongst the backpackers who descend here after sunset for cheap drinks and a game of pool with like-minded friends.

Location: Ao Hin Khok, at Naga Bungalows
Price Range: Budget

Silver Sand Bar

Forget the hotel scene and come here for one of the best nightlife setups on the island. Silver Sand Bar has reached institution status among its fans. This is the place to go for a great party, which begins well after midnight and continues pretty much all night long (bad news for nearby resort guests). With a big dance floor, cheap bucket drinks and arguably the best fire-dancing show on the island, the party animal type rules here.

Location: Ao Phai, at Silver Sand Resort
Price Range: Affordable

Tok’s Little Bar

Housed under a small, open-sided thatched-roof hut, Tok’s Little Bar is indeed small. There is the main bar with some bar stools – when this fills up, take your drinks over to nearby bamboo tables or head out to the beach and grab the nearest mat. This popular beachfront bar offers nightly drink specials and themes. Find a selection of local beers and powerful bucket cocktails that will send your head spinning ‘til the next morning.

Location: Ao Hin Khok, next to Naga Bar
Price Range: Budget