From Buckit Dream on Oct 19, 2017


If you’re looking for the best music festivals in Thailand, you’ve definitely come to the right spot!  Whether you’re backpacking South-East Asia, an expat living or teaching English abroad, or a local Thai looking for your next festival — all of these will be a quality decision.  Music festivals provide the ultimate party atmosphere, and out of all the crazy festivals in Thailand — these are my top 10 picks.


  • When:  Mid April (Thai New Year)

  • Where:  Entire Country (Best Cities:  Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket)

  • Website:

  • Why:   I can’t stress this enough, if you’re planning a trip to Thailand in April, then I hope you are prepared for 3 of the craziest days of your entire life!  The entire country celebrates the Thai Lunar New Year by throwing a country-wide water fight.  While this holiday in itself is not necessarily a “music festival”, there is guaranteed to be tons of music events spread around the city.  There’s an official music festival in Bangkok titled S20 Festival though!  Check out my video below and let me know what you think.


  • When:  December 14-17, 2017

  • Where:  Siam Fields, Pattaya

  • Website:

  • Why:  When it comes to camping festivals in Thailand, this is definitely the best one on the list!  I went to Wonderfruit Festival 2014, and it really was an incredible unique and wild festival.  A terrific mix of travelers, expats, and locals all coming together to enjoy a weekend of camping, music, and delicious food!  I’ve thought about flying back to Thailand just to attend Wonderfruit…it’s that amazing!


  • When:  Mid February

  • Where:  Pattaya, Thailand

  • Website:

  • Why:  With past line-ups including heavyweights like Tiesto, Dash Berlin, and Zedd — you know this is a festival for all the big EDM fans.  They’ve had editions in Bangkok and Pattaya, and they seem to just get better and better.


  • When:  New Years Eve

  • Where:  Koh Tao, Thailand

  • Website:

  • Why:  Do you love PSY-TRANCE…?  Then this festival is going to be one of your absolute favorites!  Even if you don’t like it, this party is a non-stop music journey that is guaranteed to be a great time with good vibes.  There’s also a ton of amazing things to do on Koh Tao, and I would consider it a must visit during a trip to Thailand.  It goes on for 4-5 days, tickets are pretty cheap, and it’s on the beautiful island of Koh Tao.  I’d personally skip the NYE Full Moon on Koh Phangan, and check out this festival instead!


  • When:  Mid-March

  • Where:  Bangkok, Thailand

  • Website:

  • Why:  Transmission Festival started in Prague, Czech Republic, and has been now just starting to tour around the world.  This is the ultimate festival for #TranceFamily, and always has a completely stack line-up with the biggest players in the Trance scene.  Having just successfully finished their first year in Bangkok, it looks promising that they’ll keep bringing it back every year!


  • When:  Mid-November

  • Where:  Mountain Creek, Khao Yai

  • Website:

  • Why:  Having just successfully the first edition of Mystic Valley, this festival proved that it’s here to stay for years to come.  They brought out big names like Sander van Doorn, Aly & Fila, and YVES V for 2016, but they’ve got over 8 different stages of different styles of music!  This is THE festival I’m dying to attend in Thailand, because it sounds like a real proper camping festival with solid vibes.


  • When:  End of September / Early October

  • Where:  Bangkok

  • Website:

  • Why:  This 2-day water-soaked festival will bring one of the biggest EDM line-ups in Thailand.  Past events have included Afrojack, Andrew Rayel, Fedde Le Grand, Malaa, and Orjan Nilsen!  Just looking at this line-up will get you wet.


  • When:  May 19th – 20th, 2017

  • Where:  Pattaya, Thailand

  • Website:

  • Why:  “THE FIRST BEACH DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL IN THAILAND!”  An impressive line-up including Marshmello, Morgan Page, Lookas, and Valetino Khan.  This festival isn’t just all about EDM though, there’s going to be some epic techno pumping from another stage.  While I don’t typically recommend visiting the beaches of Pattaya, I would definitely make an exception for this one!


  • When:  End of December

  • Where:  Kaeng Krachan Country Club, Phetchaburi (3 Hours from Bangkok)

  • Website:

  • Why:  Over 40,000 attendees, tons of live music and DJ’s, and an absolutely beautiful venue.  This is one of Thailand’s longest running music festivals, and will definitely be a top-notch festival experience!


  • When:  Every Month

  • Where:  Koh Phangan, Thailand

  • Website:

  • Why:  It’s a backpacker’s rite of passage to party until the sun comes up on the beaches of Koh Phangan!  It’s a hedonistic night filled with buckets of liquor, neon clothes / body paint, and lots and lots of dancing!  The best part about this “festival”?  It’s FREE.  Just make sure you book your accommodation well in advance, as every hostel / hotel on the island books up early for the Full Moon Party.