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Comedy Sessions@Goparties Live with Parvinder Singh


GoParties presents Humor.Sessions@Goparties.Live, a Solo special by Parvinder Singh
At Mealodrama Modern Bistro
August 2nd 2019, 7:30pm Onwards
For Tickets :
Call : 9711971244
Funny, stylish and urban, Parvinder brings a clean & hilarious flavour to storytelling & observational comedy.
Show Description:
Here he would be testing his observational and freshly written jokes as he puts together an hour for his solo special. Come join the fun and watch Parvinder Singh with some crazy stories, candid observations and lots of audience interaction.
Artist description :
When he was born, the doctor said 'aapke ghar hadsa hua hai'! Memorable childhood you talk about?
He remembers how to dodge those flying 'chappals', and girls now know how to dodge him. He could be funny, smart, intelligent, fabulous, charismatic, and what not, but because he is a Punjabi he chose to screw himself up!!
A sales professional, he does not have to try too hard to make you buy his stories (as they are already very cheap).