The best clubs in Miami to party like a pro

By Ryan Pfeffer for timeout on Apr 02, 2018

These are the best clubs in Miami to keep you dancing until the sun comes up

Locals are quick to remind folks that there’s much more to this city than the best clubs in Miami. And—sure—that’s true. But our clubs are pretty cool. Some are downright amazing too. And, for better or worse, nightclubs are still a big part of Miami's identity. So, yes, explore the best museums in Miami, make your way to the best Miami attractions and chow down on the best Cuban sandwich along the way. But at the end of the night, find a dance floor. Also, a quick tip: most of these clubs won’t hit their stride until well after midnight. 

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Best clubs in Miami

Club Space

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Celebrating 15 years of legendary after-hours moments, an evening-turned-to-day on Club Space’s Terrace is a veritable rite of passage. Thanks to a 24-hour liquor license, partiers often dance through sunrise, exiting into sunset. The first floor keeps heavy with hard-hitting trap and bass artists of the highest caliber, but it’s the upstairs Terrace that gives this place its reputation. Up there, revelers watch the sunrise while dancing to marathon sets from some of the biggest names in house and techno music. 



Basement | Miami Beach, FL

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Everything you need to know about visiting Basement Miami (2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL 33140).

Prepare to be wowed as you walk through the beautifully renovated lobby of the EDITION on Miami Beach. But don’t get distracted. Make a left and head down the stairs until you reach Basement, the ultra hip nightclub nestled underground. Even though it’s just a few years old, Basement has quickly become one of the hottest clubs on Miami Beach. And its success is thanks to one big, colorful thing: personality.

Bowling at Basement

Most nightclubs have a dance floor. Few nightclubs have a bowling alley. But Basement is not like most nightclubs, to say the least. The club has four technicolor blowing lanes that are a popular attraction for patrons. The lanes are open Thursday through Saturday. Guests can enjoy drinks and music while they roll and you can reserve your own lane at Basement’s website.

Skating at Basement

And just in case bowling isn’t your thing, Basement boasts another popular attraction: an indoor skating rink. We don’t have a lot of those in Miami. The 2,000 square foot rink is available to club guests and skates are available to rent. The ice often feels like a small club itself, lighting up in different shades of neon like an old school disco. And don't worry: people won't laugh when you eat it.

Music at Basement

The DJs at Basement rarely fail to impress. On the weekends you’ll hear a good amount of hip-hop and open format in addition to some good ol’ Miami house music. The dance floor is big and usually full of swaying, beautiful people. Occasionally, big names stop by. Carl Cox, Talib Kweli and more have performed.

Our Miami editorial team is constantly updating and reviewing the best attractions, activities and venues across the city, so that you're always in the know, with the best of Miami at your fingertips. Basement Miami was most recently updated with new tips on June 27, 2017.



LIV Miami | Miami, FL

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LIV has been leading the pack in Miami’s club scene since it debuted in 2008 as the crown jewel of the Fontainebleau Hotel’s unprecedented billion-dollar renovation. With top-tier talent (Skrillex and Bieber once performed in the same weekend) and insane six-figure bottle service (Mark Cuban allegedly dropped more than 100 grand on a single bottle of champagne in 2013), LIV quickly showed the nightlife world that Miami’s best days are not in the past. “Our grand opening was for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and, each night since, we’ve continued to change production and create a new party on a nightly basis,” says owner David Grutman.

But even the giants must learn to adapt. And one of LIV’s biggest challenges came last summer as the club closed for months to undergo a $10 million renovation. “We’ll never stay complacent,” says Grutman, referring to the overhaul that added more than 400 digitally controlled LED panels to create choreographed light shows that take up the club’s entire domed ceiling. On its sneak-peek weekend—in typical star-studded fashion—Travis Scott, Skrillex and Lil Wayne performed on the brand-new stage. “The new look gives fans more of a 360-degree experience, and you’ll know what I mean once you’ve experienced it,” says Grutman, hinting at a shift in programming. “The world changes on a constant basis, and so does music. Fridays will remain open format, Saturday we’ll have dance music and LIV On Sunday remains the biggest hip-hop party in the world, but we have new surprises on Wednesday and Thursday that will launch in the next couple months.”



The Electric Pickle Company

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International DJs are quick to gush about this two-story Wynwood space, saying it's their absolute favorite place to play—especially those favoring underground house and techno. Inside, it’s intimate and dark with a kind of “anything goes” party policy that guests and die-hards find very “European”. Owners are renowned for their music-first approach, and prices are kept moderate. You won’t find any bottle service attitude here.


Marcus Webb Photography: Beverley Milner, The Electric Pickle Company




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There weren’t many who thought a megaclub could survive beyond Miami Beach when, nearly four years ago, a group of Las Vegas investors led by Dennis DeGori gambled on a warehouse property that used to house a notorious strip club in downtown Miami. But they hit the jackpot. And now, E11EVEN, a 13,500-square-foot nightclub that remains open 24/7, is among the most popular clubs in the country. It’s really something to behold, a concept that borrows themes from every corner of nightlife, stimulating the senses with high-flying theatrics, big-room EDM and topless dancers. “Dennis had a vision for something unique,” says operating partner Gino LoPinto. And it is, to say the least.

E11EVEN is a big, bright constantly gyrating machine with a lot of moving parts and even more options for its patrons. Hungry? Head to the bar and order a breakfast burrito. The nightclub menu begins at 8pm and is available all night. Need some air? The rooftop—with its own private restaurant—is a great place to catch the sunrise. And despite its celebrity clientele—which includes Miley Cyrus, Derek Jeter and Kylie Jenner—LoPinto says that E11EVEN is just as concerned with those who aren’t dropping thousands in its party pit. “We never wanted to be that club that hassled people at the door or didn’t treat them right if they didn’t have a table,” he says. But perhaps the club’s greatest marketing tool is its omnipresent sense of FOMO. Because 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you could be left out of the fun.




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As if LIV weren’t enough, David Grutman also runs another titan of Miami Beach nightlife: the 27,000-square-foot club with 60-plus VIP-tables known as Story. He bought it about five years ago after it failed spectacularly as a concept called Amnesia. Becoming his own competition seemed like a questionable business plan at first, but it proved wise and Miami‘s year-round tourism allows Story to thrive just four miles south of LIV. 

There has been no shortage of memorable moments here over the years, and Mo Garcia, Grutman’s longtime business partner, runs through them with the nonchalance of a man who’s seen it all: The Miami Heat celebrating the team’s 2013 NBA Championship in the VIP section; Drake stage-diving from the DJ booth; Justin Bieber singing “Happy Birthday” to Grutman. Garcia says Story’s staying power comes from a mix of talent and treatment. “The people we book and the great energy of the room keeps Story at the top.” Recently, in keeping with LIV’s infamous Sunday-night hip-hop party, Story introduced its own epic Sunday bash: a Latin concept that has pulled in Latin Grammy–winning artists such as Farruko and Don Omar. 




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If you were think about Twist as a human being, you’d see it as a tanned and horny 22-year-old man, slowly unbuttoning his shirt to show you the best South Beach has to offer. While clubs like Salvation have come and gone, Twist remains the place for any gay man in town to end his night. Two levels and seven bars make this a must-visit—you can bar-hop without ever having to step outside the premises. And the abundant drink specials make the nights sail smoothly! Don’t forget to stop at the back Bungalow Bar to experience the go-go boys whose dark skin and bulging pecs will impress even the most uptight of your gurls. There’s no real dress code, but there is a night for every type, from Sabroso Thursdays with Sazon Latino to Pusilla’s Underwear Contest—which, if you’ve got what it takes, will score you a $100 bar tab. As they say at Twist: ”Never a cover, always a groove!" 


Doheny Room

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This L.A. import takes the place of the Delano’s old club, FDR. Intimate and cozy, the Doheny Room brings west coast nonchalance to Miami Beach, serving cocktails in a hip atmosphere. DJs provide the open-format music.



Purdy Lounge

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On the far west side of the Beach, near the foot of the Venetian Causeway, the location of the Purdy Lounge has influenced its character. During the week, it’s an unassuming and comfortable respite for locals who want to escape the tourists (Monday reggae nights and Chocolate Sundays are very popular). But on the weekend, it draws a bridge-and-tunnel crowd (or, as they’re known here, the Causeway Crowd), whose main goal is dancing and scoring. The dim lighting, dark red walls and lava lamps—not to mention a 5am closing time—add a bit of decadence.